About Threat Vector

Threat Vector is the Palo Alto Networks podcast hosted by David Moulton, Unit 42's Director of Thought Leadership.
The podcast features in-depth discussions with industry leaders, Palo Alto Networks’ experts, and customers, providing crucial insights for security decision-makers. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve with innovative solutions or understand the evolving cybersecurity landscape, Threat Vector equips you with the knowledge needed to safeguard your organization.

Where to listen and subscribe

The Threat Vector podcast is available via your favorite podcast apps, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Overcast. It is hosted by N2K CyberWire, and all episodes are available online at https://thecyberwire.com/podcasts/threat-vector.

Search "Threat Vector by Unit 42" in your favorite podcast app to find the podcast, or use the links above. The Threat Vector podcast is also available on YouTube.

Join the show

Are you interested in appearing on Threat Vector? Reach the show at threatvector@paloaltonetworks.com.


We hope readers will find this podcast informative and useful. Today's organizations face many challenges from cyber security threats, and a key component in an effective defense includes education and awareness. The Threat Vector podcast aims to educate its listeners in a fun and insightful way.

Palo Alto Networks customers are better protected from threats discussed in the Threat Vector podcast through our Network Security solutions, our Prisma Cloud offerings, and our line of Cortex AI-driven security products.

If you think you might have been compromised or have an urgent matter, contact the Unit 42 Incident Response team or call:

  • North America Toll-Free: 866.486.4842 (866.4.UNIT42)
  • Europe and the Middle East: +
  • Aisa Pacific: +65.6983.8730
  • Japan: +81.50.1790.0200

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