Confucius Says…Malware Families Get Further By Abusing Legitimate Websites

Introduction When malware wants to communicate home, most use domain names, allowing them to resolve host names to IP addresses of their servers. In order to increase the likelihood of their malware successfully communicating home, cyber espionage threat actors are increasingly abusing legitimate web services, in lieu of DNS lookups to retrieve a command and

The Dukes R&D Finds a New Anti-Analysis Technique

Threat actors constantly hunt for evasion and anti-analysis techniques in order to increase the success rate of their attacks and to lengthen the duration of their access on a compromised system. In some cases, threat groups use techniques they find discussed on the Internet during their operations, such as the Office Test Persistence method that

Operation Ke3chang Resurfaces With New TidePool Malware

Introduction Little has been published on the threat actors responsible for Operation Ke3chang since the report was released more than two years ago. However, Unit 42 has recently discovered the actors have continued to evolve their custom malware arsenal. We’ve discovered a new malware family we’ve named TidePool. It has strong behavioral ties to Ke3chang

Ransomware: Locky, TeslaCrypt, Other Malware Families Use New Tool To Evade Detection

Today we identified a new tool actively being used by the Locky ransomware family to evade detection and potentially infect endpoints. Unit 42 identified slight changes in Locky detonations through the AutoFocus threat intelligence service, correlating global data to discover a new tool being used to pack multiple ransomware families. Adversaries are constantly seeking new

Locky: New Ransomware Mimics Dridex-Style Distribution

Ransomware persists as one of the top crimeware threats thus far into 2016. While the use of document-based macros for ransomware distribution remains relatively uncommon, a new family calling itself “Locky” has borrowed the technique from the eminently successful Dridex to maximize its target base. We first learned of Locky through Invincea and expanded on

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