Web-based Threats-2018 Q3: Malicious URLs and Domains take a Dip

Our Email Link Analysis (ELINK) system is routinely reviewed by our Unit 42 research team. In examining the data it collects, patterns and trends are discovered which helps us discern prevalent web threats. This blog is the third (3rd quarter of 2018) in a series of posts tracking web-based threats throughout the year, specifically statistics pertaining to malicious URLs, domains, exploit kits, and CVEs.

The Latest Flash UAF Vulnerabilities in Exploit Kits

Introduction Recently, several popular exploit kits, including Angler, Flash EK, SweetOrange, Fiesta andNeutrino[1], have included several use-after-free (UAF) vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash to exploit victims’ browsers. Previously, these exploit kits typically used out-of-bounds access (OBA) vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash, as these types of vulnerabilities can be exploited universally and stably [2], and require less effort

Is It the Beginning of the End For Use-After-Free Exploitation?

Use-after-free bugs have affected Internet Explorer for years. In the past year alone, Microsoft patched 122 IE vulnerabilities, the majority of which were use-after-free bugs. This year Microsoft has already patched 126 IE vulnerabilities to date. Of those vulnerabilities, 4 were actively being exploited in the wild. These 4 exploits (CVE-2014-1815, CVE-2014-1776, CVE-2014-0322, CVE-2014-0324) were