Dridex is Back and Targeting the UK

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After Brian Krebs reported the September arrests of alleged key figures in the cyber crime gang that developed and operated Dridex, Unit 42 observed a marked decrease in activity related to this banking Trojan – at least until today.  Dridex re-entered the threat landscape with a major e-mail phishing campaign. Leveraging the Palo Alto Networks AutoFocus platform, we identified samples associated with this resurgence.


True to form, the Dridex crew continues to utilize Microsoft Word Doc files with embedded macros, just as they did at the start of 2015. The Bartalex kit, a favorite for various cybercriminals, constructs these macros to deliver their malicious payload. When a user opens the malicious document, the macro code reaches out to a URL and downloads the Dridex executable. We identified the following associated Microsoft Word Doc files and URLs from today’s campaign:

SHA256: 2a12822134b4c3f1396212e04bc462fdf23082a55fdbc15e91722d07d54fd4b2

Payload: www.norlabs[.]de/123/1111.exe

SHA256: c1e8fce5b72da6f2ce43920ca9e6574750f7e994c51f6084e90c115fe9d2b804


SHA256: 6cfcf501aeaa319b576af713fef10e227775e59e82224d1182d309be5dc80bd

Payload: hobby-hangar[.]net/123/1111.exe

SHA256: 761b17c4f926c403813b5c2c4c79f3d64c3b5d5a96e841e454fd5791e56f67db

Payload: zahnrad-ruger[.]de/123/1111.exe

SHA256: 436c99c88ea0a7312f3d60b127d0735e4698599b2f83b4df3a1dc67764235256

Payload: miastolomza[.]pl/123/1111.exe

The 1111.exe payload for each of these DOC files corresponds to the following file:

SHA256: a497de7f2488f093aa74562695a2ce705cbddbd2c4a357f5c785f23ea7450f43

As of today, only 17 out of the 56 VirusTotal Anti-Virus (AV) scanners recognize the Doc files associated with this resurgence as malicious, and only two recognize the associated implant. The Palo Alto Networks AutoFocus platform correctly identifies all components of this threat under the Unit 42 Dridex tag.

Targeting and Delivery

Our analysis revealed that this return of Dridex is heavily targeted at the United Kingdom (UK).

dridex map

AutoFocus map of today's Dridex targets

Dynamoo’s Blog (Conrad Longmore) posted an example of one of this latest series of Dridex phishing messages. The malicious Doc files that we identified all employ a similar order theme in their naming convention (e.g., “Order-SO00653333-1.doc”), requesting that the recipient print out the attachment. While this phishing lure is not particularly sophisticated, it remains surprisingly effective for fulfilling the malicious actor’s objective.


Cybercriminals – especially those that have established prosperity and longevity – will continue to present threats to enterprises and home users alike, despite any setbacks as a result of arrests or other operational challenges. Even though key players in the Dridex crew may have been removed from the equation for the time being, the organization that they leave behind could very well remain viable; alternatively, other criminal groups are always waiting in the wing to assume control of certain endeavors should a vacuum or opportunity present itself. The October 2015 resurgence of Dridex is an example of how these threats continue to adapt and evolve.


Category Type Value
Delivery SHA256 2a12822134b4c3f1396212e04bc462fdf23082a55fdbc15e91722d07d54fd4b2
Delivery SHA256 c1e8fce5b72da6f2ce43920ca9e6574750f7e994c51f6084e90c115fe9d2b804
Delivery SHA256 a6cfcf501aeaa319b576af713fef10e227775e59e82224d1182d309be5dc80bd
Delivery SHA256 761b17c4f926c403813b5c2c4c79f3d64c3b5d5a96e841e454fd5791e56f67db
Delivery SHA256 436c99c88ea0a7312f3d60b127d0735e4698599b2f83b4df3a1dc67764235256
Implant SHA256 a497de7f2488f093aa74562695a2ce705cbddbd2c4a357f5c785f23ea7450f43
Download URL www.norlabs[.]de/123/1111.exe
Download URL[.]ar/123/1111.exe
Download URL hobby-hangar[.]net/123/1111.exe
Download URL zahnrad-ruger[.]de/123/1111.exe
Download URL miastolomza[.]pl/123/1111.exe



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