Andromeda Botnet Targets Italy in Recent Spam Campaigns

Over the past month, Palo Alto Networks has observed two spam campaigns targeting users residing in Italy. The spam emails attempt to install the pervasive Andromeda malware onto victim machines. This malware has been around since 2011 and shows no signs of stopping. Compromised hosts cause a victim’s machine to be attached to the Andromeda

Locky: New Ransomware Mimics Dridex-Style Distribution

Ransomware persists as one of the top crimeware threats thus far into 2016. While the use of document-based macros for ransomware distribution remains relatively uncommon, a new family calling itself “Locky” has borrowed the technique from the eminently successful Dridex to maximize its target base. We first learned of Locky through Invincea and expanded on

Filmkan: Mysterious Turkish Botnet Grows Through Facebook

On January 31, a security researcher named Mohammad Faghani posted an analysis of malware that was being distributed through Facebook posts. Based on the number of “likes” the malware had generated, Faghani estimated that over 100,000 users had been infected with the malware. We have not been able to identify a common name for this

Kuluoz Trends – October 2014

The Asprox/Kuluoz malware family has a special place in our hearts at Palo Alto Networks. This botnet-related Trojan malware has evolved from its 2007 roots into a simple and yet robust mass e-mail phishing threat that is the origin of a significant percentage of Internet spam today. This post further explores trends for this malware