A Look Into Fysbis: Sofacy’s Linux Backdoor

Introduction The Sofacy group, also known as APT28 and Sednit, is a fairly well known cyber espionage group believed to have ties to Russia. Their targets have spanned all across the world, with a focus on government, defense organizations and various Eastern European governments. There have been numerous reports on their activities, to the extent

Palo Alto Networks Addresses Bash Vulnerability Shellshock: Mitigation for CVE-2014-6271

Around 6:00 am PST on September 24, the details of a vulnerability in the widely used Bourne Again Shell (Bash) were disclosed by multiple Linux vendors. The vulnerability, assigned CVE-2014-6271 by Mitre, was originally discovered by Stephane Chazelas, a Unix and Linux network and telecom administrator and IT manager at UK robotics company SeeByte, Ltd.

Iptables Backdoor: Even Linux Is At Risk of Intrusion

A backdoor implant is an increasingly common mechanism for maintaining unauthorized access and control over a computer asset. The terms remote administration tool (RAT) and trojan downloader are often used synonymously with such implants. Once installed (i.e. implanted on a system), the modern backdoor typically offers much more than simple (i.e. command line) access to

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