Pythons and Unicorns and Hancitor…Oh My! Decoding Binaries Through Emulation

This blog post is a continuation of my previous post, VB Dropper and Shellcode for Hancitor Reveal New Techniques Behind Uptick, where we analyzed a new Visual Basic (VB) macro dropper and the accompanying shellcode. In the last post, we left off with having successfully identified where the shellcode carved out and decoded a binary

Addressing CVE-2014-6332 SWF Exploit

Continuing a recent trend in which Internet Explorer vulnerabilities are exploited using Flash, samples of an SWF purportedly used in conjunction with CVE-2014-6332 have appeared in several places. The most famous examples of this trend are the exploits for CVE-2014-0322 and CVE-2014-1776. We have yet to encounter the SWF sample with its original exploit attached,

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