LabyREnth CTF 2017: Check Out the Prizes


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The LabyREnth Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge may be over, however we’re excited to show off the prizes our players are receiving this year. Prizes will go out this week, so be sure to check your mailboxes in the coming weeks.

Players who were able to finish the first challenge in all five tracks will be receiving both of these challenge coins this year. One commemorating the LabyREnth 2017 CTF and their accomplishment, the other commemorating Szechuan sauce, which is of vital importance.


Next, those talented players that were able to complete a full track will be receiving their own, one of a kind Minifig! This regal king symbolizes the final boss that blocked the players’ way if they wished to complete everything.


However, for those brave few that were able to pass the final challenge and escape the LabyREnth this year, we’ll be sending you this framed 11”x14” map! Every dark hallway you traversed and challenge you overcame is here for you to remember. Congratulations!